Volume 42 (1996) No. 1-2

Volume 42 No. 1-2
  • M. Görlich, B. Jandrich. Estradiol receptors and metastasis in human breast cancer


  • L.Kaèáni, M. Ferenèík, F. Devínský, P. Dierich. Immunomodulatory effect of some amphiphilic detergents on the human promyelocytic HL-60 cells
  • Šalagoviè, J. Gilles, L. Verschaeve, I. Kalina. The commet assay for the detection of genotoxic damage in the earthworms: a promising tool for assessing the biological hazards of polluted sites
  • M. Buc, B. Bušová, E. Hegyi, K. Kolibášová. Vitiligo is Associated with HLA-A2 and HLA-Dw7 in the Slovak Population
  • Papers Presented at the Conference "Manipulations of Defense Systems"
  • J. Šterzl. Development and Induction of the Immune Response - Status 1995
  • J. Svoboda, J. Plachý, J. Hejnar, J. Geryk. Specific Rejection Immunity against src Oncogene-induced Tumours and Involvement of the Major Histocompatibility Complex M.
  • Ferenèík, V. Štvrtinová. Endogenous Control and Modulation of Inflammation
  • I. Hána. Immunodeficiencies and Possibilities of their Modulation
  • I. Šterzl. Neuroendocrine-Immune Systems: Interactions and Regulations