Volume 42 (1996) No. 4

Volume 42 No. 4
Genetics of the Rat
  • E. Günther. Current status of the molecular genetic analysis of the rat major histocompability complex
  • M. Pravenec, V. Køen, V. Bílá, D. Køenová, M. Zdobinská, T. W. Kurtz. Genetic linkage maps of the rat derived from an intercross and recombinant inbred strains originating from the BN.LX and SHR progenitors
  • V. Køen, D. Køenová, V. Bílá, M. Zdobinská, V. Zídek, M. Pravenec. Recombinant inbred and congenic strains for mapping of genes that are responsible for spontaneous hypertension and other risk factors of cardiovascular disease
  • V. Køen, V. Bílá, R. Kašpárek, D. Køenová, M. Pravenec, K. Rapp. Recombinant inbred and congenic strains of the rat for genetic analysis of limb morphogenesis
  • V. Bílá, V. Køen. The teratogenic action of retinoic acid in rat congenic and recombinant inbred strains
  • C. Szpirer, J. Szpirer, K. Klinga-Levan, F. Stahl, G. Levan. The rat: an experimental animal in search of a genetic map